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The strongest and most violent competition on wheels is about to start. The smell of petrol blood, kerosene and gunpowder mix in a desert blurred with the scars caused by hundreds of tyres. The pilots howl with euphoria after the starting line while their mechanic frames roar waiting for the starting pistol shot. Missiles, machine guns, knives, missile launchers, antitank mines, the vehicles are ready to depart. Soon they pistons will go off and the sand below the tyres will explode. Badass Riders has just started.

Badass Riders is a competitive card game for 2 to 8 players who recreate a frenetic race of armed cars in a post-apocalyptic future. Each player chooses a vehicle and a pilot, both with their abilities and unique characteristics wich could be combined to give rise to different strategies. The terrain cards permit you to build the circuit on which the vehicles will run. You can create or build completely personalised circuits, which permits you to adjust the complexity and duration of the game by adding or more or less special terrains, collocating traps, sandstorms, snipers, arsenals or even a huge and monstrous sandworm.

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    Pablo Rodríguez
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    Koti Games
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