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Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides
Z-man Games

Leeftijd: 14+ Spelers: 2-2 Tijd: 45

Set in the Merchants & Marauders universe, Broadsides is a standalone game in which the two opposing players command pirate ships engaged in a fierce battle over a profitable sea lane. Sinking the enemy or taking out their Captain and First Mate are the only ways to seize victory and survive the day! The card-driven game system allows players a wide variety of actions, triggered by playing cards in a variety of combinations. Aim: zero in your cannons using an innovative targeting system Hold: Draw more cards to increase your versatility Reload: Load a variety of ammunition types (chain shot for rigging, canister for crew, solid shot for hull) into a variety of cannons (reliable 18-Pounders, thunderous Carronades, deadly Long Nines) Broadside: Blast all your cannons at once in a fierce but costly salvo Sheer Off: Correct your course just enough to disrupt your foe's plans Repair: Send sailors where they are needed to man the guns, patch the hull, or replace ruined sails

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EAN : 681706706306
Taal : Engels
Auteur: Josh Cappel
Uitgegeven in 2016


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