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BattleStar Galactica - Exodus Expansion
Fantasy Flight Games

Leeftijd: 14+ Spelers: 3-6 Tijd: > 90

The Exodus Expansion for Battlestar Galactica the Board Game brings players to the next chapter of the popular Syfy series. In addition to more characters, Destination, Drisis, Super Crisis, Loyalty, Quorum, and Skill Cards, this expansion offers three exciting new options for play that may be used in any combination. The conflicted Loyalties option presents players with new types of Loyalty Cards, Personal Goal cards and Final Five cards, to generate more challenge and paranoia. The Cylon Fleet option introduces the Cylon Fleet Game Board, new CAG Title Card, and plastic Mark VII Colonial Vipers to add more dimension and threat to space combat. The lonian Nebula option presents a new Objective Card that uses new Ally Cards and tokens, trauma tokens, and Crossroads Cards to add greater interaction and depth to the characters, resulting in a final, unforgettable trial to prove once and for all who is worthy to continue in the search for Earth! The Exodus Expansion from Battlestar Galactica requires Battlestar Galactica the Board Game to play.

EAN : 9781589949751
Taal : Engels
Taalgebruik: Tekst intensief.
Auteur: Corey Konieczka, Tim Uren
Uitgegeven in 2010


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